Clock Ticking Down on Year-end Giving

The clock is quickly ticking down for year-end giving. Are you considering end-of-the-year tax write-offs? There are no shortages of choices you can make with your charitable dollars. We ask you to consider making a donation to CCH. Through your generous contributions, CCH is able to provide more affordable housing and supportive services to low income senior struggling to make ends meet.

For those who join with us in our mission of Providing Affordable Quality Housing in Caring Communities, we offer the following funds where you can make an impactful gift:

CCH Dignity Fund – transforms donations into programs, services, and facilities upkeep for all CCH residential communities.

CCH Resident Care Fund – offers limited one time only emergency financial assistance to residents when dire circumstances arise.

CCH New Hope, New Homes Fundleverages donations in new building projects through a revolving fund that expends dollars in initial building efforts and then reimburses CCH in later phases of development so these dollars can be used over and over for more low-income senior housing. Even modest donations can help result in creating more affordable housing.

Thank you for your consideration. Donations to these funds help strengthen CCH’s ability to secure and provide more affordable housing to seniors struggling to find More Than a Home in today’s challenging times.

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