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Executive Leadership Team

Cynthia is responsible for an annual budget in excess of $60 million and ensuring the short and long term financial, regulatory and physical sustainability of the assets in service to the communities in which we work. Cynthia’s various executive roles in affordable housing have given her direct oversight of a range of strategic planning and supervision of multiple departments. She is known for building strong teams with a mission-centered approach and for establishing systems to achieve efficiencies and accountability within and across teams. Cynthia was born in Mexico and immigrated to the US when she was eight years old. She graduated, with honors, from UC San Diego with a BA in Political Science and then attended Stanford University’s PhD Political Science program from 1995 – 1999, on a full merit scholarship. Since 2007, she has served on the board of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), a national immigrant advocacy group.

Cynthia Alvarez
COO/Interim CEO & President

Leadership Team

Angelique Booth

After nearly 30 years in the Real Estate industry, Angelique has a proven track record as an exceptional manager and leader with in-depth knowledge and understanding of real estate laws. She has broad experience in all aspects of the market, from serving as an assistant to the managing broker of one of the Bay Area’s top real estate offices to helping both clients and agents to meet and exceed their industry goals. Every step of her career, Angelique has been passionate about serving her clients, agents, and the community as a whole.

Designated Broker-Officer

Wendy started her career in real estate financing and accounting in 1990 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CCH. For two decades, Wendy was responsible for all aspects of the organization’s corporate, property management and real estate development accounting while at TNCD.

Wendy Chan
Senior Director of Finance

Avni has successfully advocated for laws that have increased access to higher education, decreased financial barriers to living and working in San Francisco, and increased the access and availability of affordable housing in San Francisco. Additionally, she has worked on statewide legislation related to housing and reducing the impact of municipal debt. Prior to joining CCH, Avni worked to address residential displacement with the City of San Jose and was the Public Policy Manager at Community Housing Partnership in San Francisco.

Avni Desai
Director of Policy & Engagement

As a nine-year senior officer at Mercy Housing, Jennifer focused on broad organizational matters and strategic and policy issues throughout the State of California. She led teams responsible for evaluating and maintaining real estate portfolios and resident services. Jennifer has a proven track record of executing adaptive challenges, managing large and small teams, and getting things done. She is the current Board Chair for National Cooperative Bank and a Momentus Capital board member.

Jennifer Dolin
Acting Director of Real Estate Development

In his role, Brandon works with compliance staff to ensure CCH’s properties meet all standards for federal, state, and local housing regulatory and compliance requirements. He is skilled in compliance management systems, tax credit compliance, certified occupancy, and economic development. He also has extensive experience working with LIHTC, HOME, CoC, CDBG, HCD, CHFA, AHP, HUD, MHSA, HOPWA, RDA, CDLAC, RAD, Public Housing, and HOPE VI programs and holding several industry certifications.

Brandon Flannery
Director of Compliance

Throughout his career, Seong has been a driving force behind innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, foster growth and promote impactful societal change. He champions a culture of innovation, mentorship, and continuous improvement, empowering his teams to excel through cross-functional collaboration and professional development.

Seong Kim
Director of IT

In her previous roles, Erin worked in the private sector for various environmental engineering and remediation companies. Of significant professional growth and personal importance to Erin, she worked for 10 years for an affordable housing and service provider in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. This role led Erin to discover the importance of being in service to others, looking beyond oneself, and taking a more outward focus.

Erin Mascaro
Director of Human Resources

Having worked in multiple agencies across the Bay Area prior to joining CCH, Rafael built a solid track record for reducing costs and implementing organizational strategies to streamline and enhance operations. As CCH’s Director of Property Management, Rafael ensures nearly 50 properties in CCH’s portfolio are managed to the highest possible quality standards, perform within or better than budgeted and that resident satisfaction remains at the highest level so they can live well and thrive in caring communities.

Rafael Nicolescu
Director of Property Management

Amber is a driven and influential Administrative Executive with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. Her impressive track record includes successfully managing teams of administrative staff and overseeing critical departments such as facilities, administration, and people ops. As a member of the Chief of Staff Association, Amber actively engages with and learns from world-renowned leaders in the administrative space. Amber takes pride in her numerous career accomplishments, including being featured on the Leader Assistant podcast with Jeremy Burrows. Additionally, her dedication and excellence in administrative roles earned her a prestigious nomination for the 2021 Admin Awards, celebrating administrative excellence.

Amber Sullivan
Director of Administration

Board of Directors