Property Management

CCH is a multi-state trusted affordable housing property management organization. Respected as experts in our field, CCH staff directs a wide array of third-party services from Property Management, Compliance, and Asset Management.


Trained Affordable Housing Staff: With more than 60 years providing property management, currently across six states, we provide a wide array of services. Whether your organization’s needs are to provide property management, compliance, lease up functions, and/or asset management, CCH takes pride in supporting and furthering the goals of affordable housing owners. We specialize in property management services tailored specifically for affordable housing organizations, understanding the unique opportunities, challenges, and requirements of our sector. Our property managers have expertise in tenant disputes/evictions as well as the legal functioning of rental properties, which entails knowing the legal process of screening tenants, terminating leases, managing security deposits, and handling safety compliance, eviction procedures, fair housing, and more. Our managers not only have in-depth understanding of Landlord-Tenant laws but also are able to carry out these responsibilities in accordance with these laws.

Resolute Financial Expertise: Our services are designed to maximize the financial viability of affordable housing communities, ensuring efficient operations and optimized returns for our clients over the short and long term, without compromising our commitment to dignified housing for residents.

Unparalleled Facilities Management: Through proactive maintenance strategies, we preserve the quality and longevity of affordable housing properties, safeguarding their value and sustainability to ensure long-term quality affordable housing.

Solutions Based Operations: Our team is led by respected experts in the complex regulatory landscape governing affordable housing, ensuring full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations from city to state and federal entities. We prioritize tenant satisfaction and wrap resident services to ensure the well-being and housing stability of residents in the communities where we operate. Our experienced and dedicated team provides personalized support and guidance to owners, serving as trusted partners in our shared vision to provide affordable housing for all. We collaborate closely with owners to align our management strategies with their mission and objectives, driving long-term success and impact.

Transparent Reporting: We offer transparent and detailed financial and occupancy reporting, providing affordable housing insights needed to make informed decisions and projections.