Building A Caring Community with our First Circle of Support Event

Event Group Photo
Attendees at Circle of Support

Circle of Support is a new CCH program that helps to build caring communities through art. Recently, residents of the Burbank

Heights and Burbank Orchards communities in Sebastopol, California invited family members and close friends to join them for a few hours of artistic immersion. The creativity flowed for approximately 30 people who spent an entire morning learning art techniques and expressing their inner Picassos, Monets, and Kahlos.
Don Stump, CCH President and CEO, welcomed guests and encouraged their creativity. He explained how CCH obtained a grant from the San Francisco Foundation to foster the latent and hidden artistic talents of residents in CCH residential communities.

Circle of Support aims to broaden the definition of what a CCH community represents to both our residents and to their networks of family and friends. In this perspective, it is our hope to include CCH as an integral part of that structure that provides meaningful support to resident who not only seek housing but social services that make their lives more manageable. Attendees were invited deeper into the mission of CCH: To Provide Affordable Quality Housing in Caring Communities.

As CCH continues to manifest its vision and provide affordable housing to a larger population of seniors, CCH offers three main philanthropic funds that underpin CCH’s efforts as a nonprofit organization.

CCH Dignity Fund – transforms donations into programs, services, and facilities upkeep for all CCH residential communities.

CCH Resident Care Fund – offers one time only emergency financial assistance to residents when dire circumstances arise.

CCH New Hope, New Homes Fund – leverages donations in new building projects through a revolving fund that expends dollars in initial building efforts and then are reimbursed in later phases of development.

Senior Art Program Scholarships – each $50 scholarship enables CCH to expand its arts creation program by adding one senior for a six-month period.

Donations  to these funds strengthen CCH’s ability to secure and develop more affordable housing and provide more supportive services to residents. By working hand in hand with residents, their family and friends, together we can offer more seniors More Than A Home.

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