Preserving a Place to Call Home

Dear Partners,

I am honored to have been appointed by the CCH Board of Director as the next President and CEO of CCH. Following in the footsteps of my long-time friend and mentor Don Stump, I am excited at the opportunity to lead CCH into the future. During a time of change, there is much we can accomplish by working together toward quality, affordable housing for all. There are many challenges on the horizon. As the affordability of housing continues to plummet and homelessness is reaching all time highs, we can make a difference by tackling the multitude of issues together.

For those of us in the affordable housing industry, it is imperative to find more efficient and equitable means to reduce costs. In this issue, we spotlight our backend accounting services as a means to increase efficiency and streamline operations. Additionally, we focus on site visits recently completed by our Broker of Record in California which highlight CCH’s success in meeting the demands of providing safe, secure and well managed accommodations for our residents.

I extend best wishes to each of you for a safe and joyful holiday season with family and friends. I look forward to continuing our work in the coming year as we partner to provide caring communities for residents and to preserve what it means to have a place to call home.


Syd Najeeb

CFO and CEO-Elect



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