Thanks for Your Ongoing Support

Don Stump, President/CEO of Christian Church HomesDear Friends,

Another year is rapidly drawing to a close. It’s hard to believe I’ve been back at the helm of CCH as Interim President/CEO for nearly three months while our CCH Board diligently searches for a new CEO. I am encouraged by the recruitment process and have every confidence we will secure an outstanding candidate who will lead our organization forward. We will keep you updated as the process unfolds. I am extremely thankful for the ongoing support of our friends, beneficiaries, partners and most especially our staff for keeping this ship upright and steady as we continue the important work of serving our valued seniors after more than 60 years in the affordable housing field.

We live in a culture that often does not value the contributions of the elderly who may find themselves ignored, denigrated or disregarded simply because they are older. The elderly homeless population are disproportionally at risk for death and women often bear the burden of housing inequities. Organizations such as CCH help reverse this trend and offer seniors the services and respect that they so deeply deserve. We pride ourselves on the care given to elderly residents day after day—every day! Your ongoing efforts on behalf of affordable housing enables CCH to provide more than 5,000 residents each year with a warm place to call home.

As the year comes to a close, so does the window for year-end giving. The past two years have been particularly hard for many seniors who struggle with rising costs and economic uncertainties. If you have been thinking about an end-of-the-year tax write-off, we humbly ask you to consider giving to CCH’s Resident Care Fund (RCF).  The RCF is used exclusively for helping residents to bridge a one-time, unexpected financial gap. Generous donations, such as yours, can provide transportation for seniors to an urgent medical appointment, or the purchase of costly prescriptions, medical equipment or supplies to improve the quality of life. Your gift, no matter how large or small, can truly can make a difference and bring peace of mind to seniors struggling to make ends meet. Click here to learn more about the RCF. Give from the heart and show you care about the welfare of others who have come on difficult times.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. We hope you will join us with us in our mission of providing affordable quality housing in a caring community for seniors. On behalf of myself, the CCH Board, executive management and our more than 250 cherished employees, we wish you and your loved ones a most joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year.

All the best,


Don Stump

CCH Interim President/CEO

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