Message from the Board of Directors:

For just over a year, Gail Gilman dedicated her time to proudly serving as Christian Church Homes’ President and Chief Executive Officer because she believes in CCH’s mission and our commitment to develop and manage quality affordable housing in caring communities. We appreciate her service and dedication to CCH. While Gail has tremendous gifts, CCH now needs a leader with a different set of gifts and skills.

We are thrilled to announce that CCH’s former Chief Operating Officer, Cynthia Alvarez, will be serving as Interim President and Chief Executive Officer. We are confident that Cynthia will excel in this role given her extensive professional background and demonstrated skillset as well as her deep familiarity with CCH and its stakeholders. We both thank Gail for her service and welcome Cynthia to her interim role as President and Chief Executive Officer. Cynthia’s appointment brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, which we believe will be instrumental in guiding us through this transition period.

In community,

Leslie Taylor
Board President

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