Standing for Justice and Equality

Dear Friends:

We are saddened by the tragic events over the past several weeks following the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breanna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and countless others which have sparked a worldwide call for justice and equality in our nation. The uprising by millions of protesters from all walks of life seeking necessary and long-term reform to an antiquated and broken justice system cannot be ignored.

Systemic racism, injustice and social inequalities towards people of color have been brought to the light. We cannot condone the unjust practices and violence against black citizens by law enforcement officers sworn to protect and serve. CCH stands with those calling for equality and justice for all before the law.

There can be no social justice without racial equity. As a culturally diverse organization, CCH does not support any form of discrimination, injustice or inequality. Many in our country are hurting, worried and unsure about what is to come from this uprising. At CCH, we celebrate the diversity of our staff and the communities we serve. Our management team has implemented a mandatory diversity training program to raise awareness of the need to understand and value diversity and to address the impact of unconscious bias.

To all our residents, employees and the community at large, CCH stands together in solidarity with those working against racism and for the enactment of social change and justice for all.

All the best,


Syd Najeeb, MBA, FCMA

CCH President and CEO


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