Staff Contributes to Residents’ Wellness

Among the shifting landscape in America, many younger working adults are moving away from their family homes, seeking a lower cost of living. This leaves many older adults having to “age in place” without family members nearby. As adults age, the need for care increases and many families will consider the move to a senior community, such as those owned and managed by CCH.

When evaluating a move, primary factors often will revolve around available services, activities and how well staff interacts and engages with residents. CCH places value on not only properly managing its properties but also providing residents with social service programs to support and enhance their overall quality of life.

CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb shares that quality of care and service matters. “The work of our employees in providing a caring community for our residents is a key factor to CCH’s success,” he says. Studies have shown that employee engagement is essential in creating an atmosphere that keeps clients happier, more satisfied and ultimately provides more than a home.

“We thank our employees and staff for all they do each day in helping to meet the needs of our residents, both in the physical environment and with human connections and services,” Syd says.

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