Site Visits Ensure CCH Remains Compliant

As the Broker of Record and Procurement Operations for CCH in California, Samuel Pendar recently completed site visits to all CCH communities in the state to ensure CCH is complying with real estate laws and fulfilling our obligation to provide a safe, secure and well managed community.

In touring the communities, Sam checked to make sure leases were appropriately signed, the grounds were clean and free of hazards and value posters were properly displayed with the correct DRE number shown. “These factors are important to make sure they’re properly maintained in the event of an audit or unscheduled inspection,” Sam explains.

He generally found CCH sites were in compliance, well maintained and minimum follow up was needed. “Some sites might be missing an item or two which its management didn’t know was required,” Sam shares. “We follow up to let site management know what’s necessary to be compliant so any required corrections or updates can be made. The more support we can give to site leaders, the better for our organization and our residents.”

Sam was duly impressed by the consistent care and commitment shown by community managers and staff responsible for the upkeep and operations of CCH properties. “The staff strives to provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for residents,” he says. “There is a clear sense of responsibility and accountability.”

Sam was also uplifted to witness the interactions between tenants and staff. He recalls observing the warm way Bancroft Senior Homes Community Manager Jackie Williams conversed with residents. “She was very much engaged and I sensed a genuine friendship between them,” Sam says. “This was very pleasing to observe.”

Elder adults residents tend to rely on social interactions with staff more so than younger tenants. “I noticed a willingness among staff to talk with tenants about their issues, even if the topic seems irrelevant or unimportant,” Sam explains. “Rita Jordan, for example, at Saint Mary’s Garden radiates charm, grace and a willingness to engage with residents which was very refreshing.”

Beyond checking off items on a list, Sam enjoyed the chance to meet with the people on the ground level running the organization. “They are very busy at the sites, able to resolve conflict resolutions for residents, multi-task and juggle a multitude of issues thrown at them on a daily basis,” Sam shared. “They are essentially monitoring the properties 24-hours a day.”

Sam has been in his current position with CCH for about a year and says meeting face-to-face is important. “It’s good to put a face with voices I’ve spoken with almost daily over the phone,” he says. “I welcome hearing directly from on-site managers and staff about any issues or concerns. They have the pulse of our communities and what’s happening there. They are also the ones who can resolve what needs to happen and keep our communities running smoothly.”



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