Roving Maintenance Helps Ensure Residential Needs are Met

Essential to CCH’s core mission is to provide high quality housing, which includes upkeep of its properties in tip-top condition. This work is accomplished by our core maintenance team that is responsible for everything from preparing residences for new occupancy, fixing plumbing and electrical issues to making building repairs and ensuring a safe, clean and decent community for residents which meets Federal standards for quality.

The need for repairs can occur at any time and often when you least expect it. To make sure we’re able to handle the daily influx of maintenance requests and to stay on top of preventative maintenance requirements – even when there are staffing shortages — the position of roving or relief maintenance technician was created. There are currently two techs in the position who are available to assist where needed.

“This program is working great,” says Lilia Gomez, associate director of property management. “There are occasions when we may be short staffed at a community and the relief maintenance staff is able to fill in and get the job done so neither the residents nor our properties suffer from neglect. It’s a blessing we have them.”

Lilia adds the roving staff is very well liked by residents. “They are happy to see them and they have received very positive responses from both residents and property owners alike,” she says.

Based on their high level of skill and expertise, the roving techs are able to step right onto a property and make most necessary repairs. They are also adept at providing recommendations to site staff for maintenance improvements and to help ensure our properties are well maintained and ready for REAC inspections.

“If we have an upcoming inspection, they are often called upon to assist in pre-REAC inspections so we’re able to pass with flying colors,” Lilia shares. Over the past several years, CCH’s scores on HUD inspections have consistently run above the national average and have continued to rise, placing CCH in the top 90 percentile. “We score very high on HUD inspections and it’s because of the follow up and attention to detail given by our maintenance team,” Lilia says.

Having roving maintenance staff available is an added plus, giving residents and owners a sense of assurance their property will be properly maintained and residents will have a safe and decent place to call home.

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