A Roadmap to a Better California 

CCH was among the benefactors contributing to Housing California’s 2022 Conference, “A Roadmap to a Better California,” which explored strategies for how to create more affordable housing and ways to end homelessness. The hybrid event, held April 4-6 in Sacramento, CA, included about 500 in-person attendees, along with virtual participation. CCH sponsored a virtual exhibit and the Development team was among those in attendance.  

CCH Director of Real Estate Development Sidney Stone said it was great to see everyone in person again after two years of the pandemic. “We received pertinent information and made valuable connections to help us in structuring our funding applications going forward,” he said. 

Oakland City Councilmember Carol Fife, a recent speaker at the grand reopening ceremonies for CCH’s Westlake Christian Towers – West, addressed conference attendees about the urgent need for more low-income housing and finding permanent solutions to housing shortages. Sacramento City Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela noted that her city is the first in California to earn the state’s Pro-housing Designation, underscoring the city’s readiness to work with developers on creative housing solutions, such as waiving fees for affordable housing construction; allowing housing by right in commercial corridors; speeding approval for accessory dwelling units; and reducing or eliminating parking requirements for new housing.  

“The councilwomen brought fresh ideas to the table,” says CCH Assistant Project Manager Chris Batson. “Their passion for affordable housing was very evident,” he shares. “They had very concrete examples and creative solutions for how to address housing needs in their cities.”  

Former CCH Marketing Director and Housing California Communications Manager Iris Murillo spoke about the need for unifying messages in developing more actionable and sustainable solutions to housing affordability issues.  

“Utilizing marketing techniques, such as TikTok and other emerging social media platforms, were identified as creative means to help educate and inform divergent groups about affordable housing options,” notes CCH Project Manager Jevon Allen.   

Chris and Jevon both said the most valuable aspect of the conference was the chance to interact and build relationships with other developers, investors and grass root organizers in creating a shared vision for building a better California housing market. Organizers added that everyone has an essential role to play in addressing the nation’s housing crisis. 

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