CCH Responds to COVID-19 Crisis

In less than three months, the Coronavirus and the related COVID-19 disease has turned our world upside down. This health crisis is unprecedented in recent history, with more than one million known cases and over 60,000 deaths across the nation, as of this printing in late April. As the virus continues to sweep across the nation, citizens are challenged with how to best adapt to a new set of norms which include social distancing, stay-at-home orders and recommendations for wearing masks or face coverings.

Businesses are especially hard hit as residents of most states continue shelter at home orders to protect the health and wellbeing of one another. With the closure of schools, universities, large scale events and non-essential businesses, the question facing legislators and business owners today is how to successfully reopen the economy, protect people’s health and not ignite a resurgence of this dangerous virus.

As an essential, non-profit organization providing housing to a vulnerable senior population, CCH is focused on protecting the welfare of our residents and staff while maintaining the financial health of the company.

“Our financial stability allows us to weather and minimize the negative impact brought about by the current decline in the US economy and to keep our focus on the welfare of our residents, our dedicated employees and the community at large,” shares CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb. “We take our responsibility seriously and have put guidelines in place to help maintain a safe and healthy environment within our communities and our corporate offices.”

Since learning of the outbreak, CCH has followed all protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local government health agencies to prevent and control the transmission of the Coronavirus. Additionally, CCH has implemented several measures and precautions to address this situation:

  • CCH’s corporate offices located in Oakland and Sacramento, California are closed until further notice. All operational functions are being conducted remotely and corporate employees are reachable by email and phone, as usual.
  • Our CCH communities remain open and to the greatest extent possible are complying with social distancing requirements. CCH community offices in California and Pennsylvania are closed to non-essential, in-person transactions and staff is conducting as much business as possible via telephone, electronic mail, fax or other mail service providers.
  • All onsite and offsite events and gatherings have been cancelled until further notice. (This cancellation does not include food and meal delivery programs)
  • All common areas of our properties have been closed, except laundry rooms.
  • Property operated bus services have been suspended.
  • Maintenance work is limited to emergencies.
  • Non-essential services or appointments are canceled.
  • Limited visitation is requested by family and guest onto properties.




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