Resident Care Fund Helps with Unexpected Emergencies

If a resident is struggling to find money to replace broken eyeglasses, pay for an unusually high medical or dental expense or some other unexpected emergency, funds may be available as a one-time gift through CCH’s Resident Care Fund (RCF). Established in 2014, funds collected from donors and CCH employees through payroll deduction provide a safety net to residents.

“We are able to chip in and help with direct financial support,” says CCH President and CEO Don Stump.  “This is the most direct way to assist a low-income senior during a time of need.”

Anita Stamps at CCH’s Bancroft Senior Homes was extremely stressed when her car broke down. She needed transportation for medical appointments and grocery shopping but couldn’t afford the cost of repairs on her limited income. She spoke with her social service coordinator who told her about RCF.

“When I received the money, it took such a load off my mind,” Anita says. “I was so very grateful. It helps when you don’t have to mess with your rent and other important bills.”

Vivian Victor, a resident at Sister Thea Bowman, was having to choose between paying $214 per month for a required hospital bed and the cost of food and other medical supplies. Working with her social service coordinator, she was able to purchase a refurbished hospital bed and get out of her monthly rental agreement.

“My mother, who is almost 90 years old, was truly happy and in tears to receive this help,” her daughter Mary shares. “Without the monthly rental for the hospital bed, she is able to make ends meet. Each day we are thankful for what you have done for us.”

Don adds, “We appreciate the generosity of our donors and staff who make CCH More than a Home and enable us to reach out in such a caring manner.” If you are interested in contributing to RCF, click here to donate and make a difference in the lives of seniors.

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