Remaining Vigilant and Hopeful

Dear Friends:

As summer comes to a close and we prepare for the fall season, many circumstances have changed and yet much remains the same. Over the past year and a half, we’ve dealt with many phases of the Coronavirus, from the initial onset, shelter in place orders, mask requirements to the roll out of vaccines and the threat of the Delta variant. Now as our economy opens, children return to school and many workers head back into the office, we must be attentive to COVID-19 precautions while holding out hope for a safe return to a more normalized state of existence.

At CCH, we remain vigilant and mindful of all the twists and turns of this pandemic. I am grateful for the leadership and advice of our 14-member CCH Board of Directors, the hard work and dedication of our staff, and the resourcefulness of our residents. For many of our seniors, the pandemic has been extremely wearing and mentally challenging. Read more about the current profile of older Americans, how to stay safe in our homes and steps to help ward off the ill effects of social isolation and loneliness.

As we continue to move through the various phases of this pandemic, safety remain our utmost priority. I thank all our friends and partners for their confidence and continued support of CCH’s efforts to provide more than a home to our most deserving senior residents.

Stay safe,


Syd Najeeb, MBA, FCMA

CCH President and CEO

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