Relief Community Managers Fill Important Business Need

CCH has highly qualified and trained Community Managers (CMs) who are responsible for the smooth operations of our senior communities. But what happens when a CM is on vacation, takes a leave of absence, or moves from the position? A newly-created Relief CM position ensures the continuity and continued operations of a senior community when the permanent manager is not available. This is a win-win business model for all.

“I am pre-trained to handle Section 8, tax credits, Yardi and other reporting processes, so I can go into a site and I’m prepared to do what’s needed,” says Relief Community Manager Alan Lim. “There is always a need for qualified managers. As a Relief Community Manager, I am familiar with the ins and outs of the business process. This gives CMs on vacation, for example, a greater sense of confidence their work will be handled in their absence. If a position is vacant, the residents and owners can feel assured someone is in place who can carry on until a permanent community manager is hired.”

In addition to covering site vacancies, the relief managers are invaluable in handling special projects and assignments. “We can step in and meet supplemental staffing needs, which is nice,” says Allen. He also has helped prepare incoming CMs by providing them with essential, hands-on training. “The managers I’ve trained so far are all doing well,” Allen notes.  “This process has helped make for a smooth transition within our communities.”



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