REAC Scores Reflect High Quality of CCH Residential Homes

To ensure affordable housing remains safe and its residents’ protected, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires every community receiving Federal funding to adhere to a strict set of building and maintenance codes. These codes are enforced by HUDS;s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC), which periodically evaluates properties to see how they’re doing. All 59 of our CCH communities regularly undergo these reviews and have received excellent results — well above the national average.

I am proud of the hard work and dedication of our CCH staff members who help maintain our communities to meet these high standards for quality. Our scores reflect their commitment to detail. In California, our average score is 93.9 (out of a possible 100) and our annual average for all REAC scores in the nine states in which we operate is 92.9. These scores are well above the national average of 86.1 for HUD properties.

Maintaining our communities in top condition is an integral part of our vision to foster human dignity and supportive environments. This level of detail allows our residents to have a sense of pride and to be assured their best interest and needs will be met. If you would like more information, I invite you to review our resources page on How to Prepare for a REAC Inspection on our CCH webpage. Here you will find valuable tips to help you get ready for the next REAC inspection.

All the Best,

Don Stump

CCH President and CEO

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