Pushing Through Challenging Times

Dear Friends,

As vaccines roll out across the nation and COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations begin to decline, we are hopeful to soon return to a more normalized existence. It has been a full year of twist and turns as we’ve navigated through the pandemic. At CCH, we have stood steadfast in finding manageable ways to meet our obligation to provide high quality housing for our valued residents. We have continued to pivot as necessary and to keep our eyes and ears alert to trends that can impact operations. Our goal is to remain well positioned ahead of the game to stay alert for potential obstacles along the way.

In this issue, you’ll read how CCH staff is maintaining occupancy levels in the face of challenges brought about by COVID-19. We’ll also share a practical example of how CCH managers effectively market our communities to maintain a positive public image. Using marketing techniques applicable to the unique needs of our communities keeps referrals coming in and helps to retain up-to-date and viable wait lists.

This past year has shown that by working together we can come through challenging times stronger than ever. The future looks bright and CCH’s financial stability remains strong as we’ve positioned ourselves with the latest technologies to plan ahead for what the future holds. Thank you for your continued support.

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