Providing Support to Handle Loss

As front-line employees, our Social Service Coordinators (SSCs) often find themselves in the position of having to handle crisis intervention at one of our CCH communities. How can they best be supported during these difficult times? At a recent SSC meeting, staff received training from Chris Rita, Crises Support Services for Alameda County, on tips and resources available to assist in helping residents cope with a loss.

Handling the loss of a loved one, whether a spouse, relative, neighbor or good friend, can be devastating and life changing for those affected. Intense emotions may surface, manifesting themselves in various ways – excessive crying, loneliness, becoming a recluse, or expressing disbelief, anger and other signs of the grieving process.

“There are times when a SSC may be facing multiple incidents at one of our communities, and it can be almost overwhelming,” shares Director of Social Services Adam Allred. “In scheduling the training, our intent was to bring in an outside resource who could strengthen the SSCs knowledge base and provide additional support.”

Founded in 1966, Crises Support Services of Alameda County offers a broad range of counseling, educational and prevention services in a safe, confidential and welcoming environment. The agency’s mission is consistent with CCH’s goal to help older adults maintain their independence to the greatest extent possible by enabling them to age in place. Bereavement support and counseling services for older adults are among the agency’s portfolio of available low-fee programs.

“We want to assist our SSCs wherever possible to place them in the best position to handle various circumstances that may arise,” Adam shares. “The better prepared our staff becomes, the more we are able to give the necessary support services to our residents and meet our mission to provide a caring community that is more than a home.”

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