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As COVID-19 continues to alter the normalcy of our lives, it’s important to provide valued services which will assist our residents to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle. With shelter-in-place orders continuing in many states, we’ve seen long lines at community food banks and some food shortages at local grocery stores. Many of our vulnerable senior population are challenged to get basic necessities such as food supplies and may suffer from feelings of isolation and neglect.

In responding to this need, CCH social services coordinators (SSC) have been diligently working to maintain the food distribution programs in place at 17 properties, providing residents with ongoing sources for food. “CCH is grateful to our community partners for helping meet this basic need for our residents,” shares Director of Social Services Adam Allred. “Many of our seniors are at increased risk for adverse effects from this virus, and it’s difficult for some of them to get out and obtain essential items. We are encouraged by these acts of kindness from community organizations which bond us together like never before and reinforce that we are not in this alone.”

Below are a few highlights of some of our many community partnerships:

Margaret McDowell Manor – Yolo County Food Bank is delivering fresh produce and canned goods weekly. Additionally, some local restaurants are providing warm meals weekly and the Adult Day Health Center is delivering breakfast and lunch regularly to all of their program participants. SSC Nancy Gifford and John Masters, Maintenance 2, are pictured assisting with the food bank deliveries.

Garfield Park Village – In addition to the weekly food distribution program through Grey Bears, SSC  Lourdes Pollard arranged to have local musicians play in the courtyard for the residents (see photos below) while observing social distancing guidelines. “This was a great example of a creative way to keep residents engaged and connected during these difficult times,” Adam says.

Woodland Christian Towers – SSC Keysha Fleming has done a wonderful of bringing stability to the Woodland community over the past year. As part of her outreach efforts, Keysha has been able to complete referrals for Woodland residents in need and get them various essential resources. As one example, she partnered with a local furniture store which was putting together care packages for seniors.



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