CCH Opens Doors for Community Outreach Activities

As a management company, CCH is responsible for not only the proper upkeep of our properties, but also for building strong relationships within the neighborhoods where our residents reside. “Having strong ties with our neighbors is good business and solidifies our presence within the community,” shares CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb.

With prime locations in the Bay Area and surrounding areas, CCH has opened its doors to assist local governmental agencies serving the public. Most recently, several CCH communities were polling sites for local electorates and our staff at Westlake Terrace are receiving training to assist with the 2020 Census held every 10 years.

“In serving the community, we make ourselves available where there is a need,” Syd says. “This is part of our efforts to provide more than a home for our residents and the community.”

On Election Day, voters were able to cast their votes at several CCH communities including Westlake Village, Sojourner Truth and Fargo. The California Board of Elections brings in the equipment, sets it up and provides the staffing. The sites are responsible for making sure the equipment is kept secure. “Everything went well,” says Relief CM Mickey Liang. “We’ve had the polling place here for a number of years and those in the community know this is a good option for where to vote.”

Westlake Terrace has served as a polling location for at least 15 years. Some residents vote on site and others bring their completed ballots to the secure, drop in boxes. After running elections for so many years, the process is down to a science. “This is definitely where everyone in the neighborhood knows to come vote,” explains CM David Fan.

For years, at least one community member from Westlake Terrace generally volunteers at the polls. This year’s volunteer was Benjamin Hui, who has lived at the property for about 10 years and previously worked the polls on three occasions. “I live right upstairs so I’m an elevator ride away from coming down to vote.” Benjamin shares. Besides his regular polling duties, he helped with 23 translations in Mandarin and Cantonese to address voter questions or concerns. “This is really fun. I enjoy problem solving,” he says.

At Fargo, residents organized an annual bake sale outside their polling place with homemade cookies and muffins with free coffee to those who purchased baked goods. Proceeds from the sale will be used to support social activities, such as Bingo, which is popular among residents.

“We had wonderful participation from our residents,” says Fargo Community Manager Ambreen Ahmed, “This is a nice way for our residents to interact with each other and the community. It’s a fun activity which brings everyone together.”

Residents at Westlake Terrace are also receiving training to staff a Questionnaire Assistance Center for the US Census. The centers provide in-person Census support and computer access for community members to complete the Census. This support is especially valuable in senior residential areas where the elderly sometimes are unaccounted in the Census.

“We encourage everyone to be counted,” Syd explains. “The Census collects valuable data used to help direct federal funds for essential programs such as housing, schools and transportation. By opening our property as an assistance center, we’re helping to ensure everyone is properly counted. This is a wonderful service for our community.”




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