Making Communication Easier

A key element to smooth and efficient onsite operations is the ability to provide timely and effective communication. A powerful new tool recently launched at CCH communities will enhance the ability of social service coordinators (SSCs) to instantly communicate with residents, anywhere, and to be able to document residents’ needs for essential services.

The new tool, called Resident Connect, enables SSCs to send voice or text messages directly to residents in their preferred communication method and in multiple languages. Messages can be sent instantly to the entire property, to specific residents or to one resident at a time. SSCs also have the option to send messages either one way (i.e., meals will be delivered at 11 a.m. today in the community room) or two-way (i.e., meals will be onsite at 11 a.m., press one if you need your meal delivered to you).

“This is a great timesaving device and will enable the SSCs to simultaneously put out messages to every resident, no matter where they are, and to be able to track their needs,” shares Social Services Director Adam Allred.

In the age of coronavirus, the device eliminates much of the need for face to face contact in the timely delivery of messages and saves the cost and leg work of placing flyers, making multiple phone calls or having to knock on doors. Residents can receive the message if they are onsite or have stepped away from the property. Another benefit for the SSCs is the ability to record service requests and progress notes automatically, saving time and avoiding the need to enter duplicate logs.

“We are pleased to roll out this latest tool as part of our commitment to enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations at our communities,” shares CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb. “Deploying these types of tools enables our staff to work smarter and not harder for the benefit of our residents.”


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