Looking To Progress in the New Year

Don Stump, President/CEO of Christian Church HomesDear Friends,

As we move forward in the new year, there is much for which to be grateful. COVID-19 cases are dropping and the economy continues to improve following the rough and tumble years brought about by the pandemic. Yet many challenges continue to confront our residents. Rental rates in California continue to spiral with many assistance program being slashed, eliminated or cut back.

Studies have shown older renters are more likely to be behind in their rental payments and those who are current are often struggling to make ends meet for the next month’s rent. They must often juggle rent payments with other needed necessities such as food and medical supplies. Many rental assistance programs implemented during the pandemic have expired, leaving some renters scrambling for other means of assistance. Lower-income renters often are more anxious about having the money needed to make monthly payments for necessities such as food and shelter. This is especially true for older adults on a fixed income. Have you priced a dozen eggs or a gallon of gas lately? This can be a lot to balance.

On the good news front, California leads the nation in providing services necessary to help older residents meet their daily care needs. There also were some key legislative wins in 2022 which should help clear the way to make more housing available and affordable. Six substantial bills were signed into law in 2022 which can help in escalating new housing developments. There are other bills on the docket which we must continue to watch and advocate for their passage in helping those with limited incomes have more available housing options. Read more in this issue and consider how you might join with CCH to lend your voice of support.

All the best,


Don Stump

CCH Interim President/CEO

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