Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

Dear Friends,

At long last after more than a year of living under strenuous COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, states are reopening and many businesses are springing back to pre-pandemic status with key exceptions for recommended masking of unvaccinated individuals and in specific locations such as medical facilities, public transportation and certain indoor spaces. The past year has been a long, tumultuous haul for us all and I’m extremely grateful to friends and supporters who have stood with us over the zig-zagged course of the past year.

The pandemic brought about many organizational and functional changes in the way we do business and operate safely. Some changes most likely will be short-term in nature while others may be of longer duration. The correlation between housing and health became very apparent during this national health crisis. The pandemic brought to light some industry shortcomings and highlighted other areas where we’ve done well. Senior housing industry leaders are now reviewing the significance of these changes and the long-term impact, if any, based on residents’ perceptions and industry standards. Read more on our website about the short and long-term impacts of the pandemic and how the industry is expected to recover and move forward in addressing the housing needs of older adults.

As a whole, CCH has come through the pandemic generally unscathed because of years of careful financial planning and management, the hard work of our CCH staff, the cooperation from our residents and the backing of our supporters. As we move forward, CCH will take the lessons learned from this pandemic and build on our future success.

Thank you for your continued support.

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