Investing in Happiness

Happiness has been found to be good for the soul. Being happy generally provides a sense of optimism and positivity that can spill over to your home and workplace. Most  people find happiness in three ways: doing good for others; doing things you’re good at (and less of what you’re not so good at) and doing things that are good for yourself.

Research suggests happiness is closely tied to being content with your job, your closest relationships and taking care of your physical and emotional health.

Impact on Health

For most people, happiness provides a sense of purpose and well-being. An article in Forbes Magazine found positivity has a direct impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Happiness has been found to:

  • Open a person’s mind to optimism, which is critical to well-being;
  • Improves problem-solving abilities by creating a belief that you “can” and want to achieve goals;
  • Builds physical, intellectual and social resources that allow individuals to learn from other positive individuals; and
  • Protects one’s health by lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure, enabling better sleep, improving diet, reducing stress and helping maintain a normal body weight through regular exercise and good nutrition.

Ways to Improve Well-Being

Researchers suggest happiness and well-being can be learned by practicing the following:

  • Resilience, a function of the brain which provides the ability to bounce back from adversity;
  • Positive outlook, which enables individuals to see the positivity in people and experiences;
  • Attentiveness, which can make one a better listener and more focused on tasks; and
  • Generosity, which equates to a general sense of well-being and performing acts of kindness to make others and yourself happy.

As one researcher summarized, one’s well-being shouldn’t be a mystery. Knowing what works and doesn’t work and removing barriers that get in the way can be a conscious choice. Choose to be happy with whatever you do, strengthen your closest relationships and take care of yourself physically, financially and emotionally. By investing in happiness, you can learn to be content with your life choices as a cornerstone to good health and wellness.

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