HUD Physical Inspections Set to Resume

Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspections of HUD multi-family and public housing properties will resume in early October under strict safety protocols. Standard 14-day physical inspection notifications will be sent to owners no earlier than September 21, with the first inspections set to resume on or about October 4. The inspections, used as an assessment tool by HUD to ensure properties meet federal standards for health, safety and accessibility, were paused in March because of COVID-19 health concerns.

While gearing up to resume, there is an important caveat: HUD has developed a “heat map” which places states and localities into four categories of risks, low to high, to keep residents and staff safe during the inspection process. REAC will prioritize inspections based on COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University and health scoring methodology from the Harvard Global Health Institute. The following codes will apply:

  • Green – Low (Less than 1 daily new case per 100k people, 7-day average)
  • Yellow – Moderately Low (Between 1 and 10 daily new cases per 100k people, 7-day average)
  • Orange – Moderately High (Between 10 and 25 daily new cases per 100k people, 7-day average)
  • Red – High (25 or more daily new cases per 100k people, 7-day average)

Inspections will be prioritized for localities rated “green,” or low risk. In addition to an area’s exposure risk, inspections will be prioritized based on previous scores, with historically low REAC scores in low risk localities going first. Senior housing communities, such as those managed by CCH, are expected to be deprioritized from the initial return to inspections.

While there may be a reprieve, CCH prides itself on maintaining readiness. “Our communities have traditionally received excellent results – well above the national average,” shares CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb. “It is important to stay ready through proper staff training and facility maintenance. This is one of the many key benefits CCH brings to its property management. We are committed to advance planning, preparedness and maintaining our communities for readiness to meet HUD’s highest standards for quality.”

Syd adds that keeping CCH communities in top condition is an integral part of the company’s vision to foster human dignity and supportive environments. “Residents can be assured CCH has their best interest in mind and will work to ensure their needs are met,” he said.

Syd encourages property owners to review CCH’s webpage on How to Prepare for a REAC Inspection to gain practical tips.


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