Honoring Those in our Communities

Dear Friends:

May is a month of many observances, which can provide an opportunity for reflection, goal setting and evaluation. Affordable Housing Month, Older Americans Month and Asian American Pacific Islander (APPI) Heritage Month are three such occurrences in May. They are of particular significance to CCH in light of our mission to provide low-income seniors with quality, affordable housing in a caring community.

As a diverse organization, CCH leadership salutes the contributions of AAPI individuals to American history and culture. We are disheartened by those who would cast hate on any group and stand in solidarity with organizations fighting against Asian hate, racial bias and intolerance on any level. We also reflect and honor the value of older Americans and their contributions to the strength and vitality of our communities. As the nation’s leaders continue to grapple with the growing housing crisis, CCH recognizes the urgency to support action and legislation to increase affordable housing for the most vulnerable among us.

The lack of affordable housing remains a persistent issue further exacerbated during the worldwide health crisis. The pandemic heightened awareness of the intersection of housing with health and safety and the relevance of older adults and people of all races and cultures to the foundation of a just society.

The latest version of our CCH 2020 Annual Report focuses on how our organization was able to meet the health and safety needs of our residents and staff and to train on the intrinsic value of diversity during a time of racial reckoning for our country. Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, we were able to explore new avenues to expand the reach of affordable housing and to maintain the physical upkeep of our properties. Embracing change and implementing creative solutions enabled us to meet the challenges of 2020 and to remain financially solvent. We invite you to read more in the flip version of our 2020 annual report.

Take good care and stay safe,

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