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Project Based Section 8 properties, including those managed by CCH, are required to be reviewed annually. These audits are conducted yearly by the Performance Based Contract Administrator (PBCA), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), or a Third Party Contractor acting on HUD’s behalf to ensure compliance with HUD guidelines and regulations.

“The reason for the annual review is to ensure affordable housing remains safe, properties are well-maintained for residents and government funds are protected from waste or fraud,” explains CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb. “CCH maintains its readiness throughout the year. We work closely with our staff to make sure our properties are kept in the best possible condition. We also keep tight fiduciary oversight over all our financial records and processes.”

A Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) entails a comprehensive assessment of a property’s overall compliance with HUD physical, financial, and occupancy regulations. The annual review ensures that compliance with HUD standards is met.

To understand the mechanics of a MOR and that our properties obtain the highest scores possible, members of our Compliance Department, Portfolio Managers, and Relief Community Managers annually attend a one-day training. The most recent session was presented by Jenny DeSilva of Blueprint Housing Solutions.

“An understanding of the MOR process is critical for CCH’s portfolio success,” shares Director of Property Management Lilia Gomez. “We want to make sure our management team stays prepared and is aware of the latest information and HUD requirements.”

Syd adds our properties have traditionally received high ratings and CCH is constantly working to improve and enhance quality controls and to provide training, tools and educational opportunities for staff to enable CCH to keep the highest standards we can achieve.


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