Governor Signs Housing Package – “Bring California Home” campaign a success!

Don Stump, President/CEO of Christian Church Homes

The Affordable Housing community earned a major ‘win’ when Governor Brown signed a housing package providing much-needed funding, resources and tools, enabling the construction of new development and the preservation of existing developments. I extend a sincere thanks to Governor Brown, a coalition of Assembly and Senate members, and to all who helped to make this possible.

The housing package included essential and ongoing revolving funding through SB2 which will attach a small fee to real estate transactions for years to come – FINALLY, a statewide permanent source of funding for affordable housing! In Addition, the bipartisan passage of SB3 (7 years in the making) will place on the ballot in November of 2018 a $4 Billion bond measure for affordable housing. In total, over 15 housing bills were signed by Governor Brown making it possible to secure a permanent stream of funding, secure housing approvals and implement preservation policies that will meaningfully address the housing crisis in California.

The work is not yet over – please remember to vote in November 2018. Nevertheless – we are definitely off and running with many exciting things to look forward to.

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