Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

Dear Friends:

As 2020 draws to a close, we are grateful to each of you for your continued support throughout this turbulent year. In the midst of an unforeseen pandemic, economic downturn, calls for civic justice, wild fires in California and a historic Federal election, we can still count our blessings. This year has shown us what matters the most – our families, our health and our general safety and wellbeing.

As we prepare for a new year, we are thankful you have stood with us as we’ve navigated the twist and turns of COVID-19. Looking ahead, the future is bright. The COVID-19 vaccine is being delivered throughout the country and we may soon again realize a more normalized existence.

In the meantime, CCH is well positioned to weather the COVID-19 storm. Our 14-member board of directors and executive management staff are looking at long-term plans and major strategic initiatives to position us to remain a leader in the affordable housing community. Our financial viability remains strong and our staff of nearly 300 dedicated employees are committed to providing more than a home to thousands of seniors across the country.

We hope you enjoy the other featured articles as we pay tribute to the work of our CCH frontline heroes, salute the lifetime achievement of our former President and CEO Don Stump and stay mindful of the need to focus on our emotional health and wellbeing during this holiday season.

We wish you and yours a safe holiday season and a prosperous new year, full of hope and renewal.

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