Creative Ways to Support CCH’s Mission

Dear Friends,

We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support of our valued partners at CCH. Your contributions come to us in many ways, including financial giving and the sharing of your knowledge, expertise and service. These donations greatly assist in our mission to Provide Affordable Quality Housing in Caring Communities.

There are many fun and creative ways in which our donors and partners can help support CCH, such as being present at our Annual Fundraising Gala (sure to be a fun event!) or even by shopping at AmazonSmiles and designating CCH to receive a percentage of the purchase price to be donated by Amazon.

Please know, every dollar raised is critical to our ability to provide important social services and programs, an integral part of CCH’s daily experience for residents. CCH was recently recognized at the American Association of Service Coordinators’ Annual Conference as a “Legacy Member” and one of the first organizations in the senior housing arena to identify the need for social services and to provide a solution by having on-site service coordinators.

Donations to CCH also provide for the maintenance and upkeep of our properties, such as recent renovations completed at our Southlake Tower community in Oakland, CA. These types of property upgrades help us to create supportive environments and to ensure a high quality of life for our residents. We deeply appreciate our donors’ ongoing support and are grateful for everything you give in providing More Than a Home for our residents.

All the Best,

Don Stump

CCH President/CEO

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