Fresh Look for CCH Central Office

After many years of leasing our home office space, CCH is now the landlord of our Walnut Creek property at 1855 Olympic Boulevard. With capacity to house the entire corporate staff, the property has room for future growth and to establish an important financial asset for the company.

Several improvements have been completed that will enhance the building’s overall appearance and comfort for its tenants:

  • Painting of the exterior buildingA total exterior paint job of the home office building is now complete. In addition to the exterior painting, selected landscaping is underway which is expected to bring a fresh appeal to the entire building.
  • New asphalt and striping. The general parking area has been updated including removing and replacing all the old asphalt with new material, re-stripping the white lines for parking spaces, and adding signage and indicators for assigned parking. With the improvements completed, a new parking policy is in effect delineating reserved parking and visitor spots. There are also 55 additional spaces east of the building for tenant and guests parking. Individuals who are not building tenants or their guests are not allowed to park in any of the lots. No overnight parking is permitted.
  • New air compressor. During the hot days of summer, the building’s older air compressor was working overtime to keep tenants comfortable and occasionally failing at the task. A new compressor has been installed which will better regulate the building’s temperature and keep tenants happier.

“Thanks to everyone for your patience as we worked diligently to upgrade the look and comfort of the home office,” said Acting President and CEO Don Stump. Don added that a realtor has been hired to work with CCH in bringing potential tenants into the building. If you know of anyone who is interested in renting corporate space, please send an email to  [email protected] for more information.

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