CCH Shares their Knowledge Base at Southwest Affordable Housing conference

Don Speaks at SWAHMA

On October 11, CCH CEO Don Stump and Marketing Director Iris Murillo were guest speakers at the Southwest Affordable Housing Management Association (SWAHMA) conference in San Antonio, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Community management from various parts of the region gathered to learn about changes to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations as well as exchange best practices involving various aspects of property management. Don spoke about the history of HUD, helping participants to understand the reasoning behind the many changes that have occurred in the management of affordable housing. With over 30 years of experience, Don was well-suited to deliver the presentation. Iris presented on how social media has affected the way information is shared and its implications for effective communication and community building.

CCH CEO Don Stump shares, “It’s an honor to meet so many of my peers and colleagues who feel as passionate as I do about delivering quality affordable housing and supportive services. Continuing education is an essential part of efficient property management and we are honored to contribute useful information.””

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