CCH Secures Grants for Services

In our current economic climate, many in the affordable housing industry struggle to obtain financing for value-added services. CCH has been instrumental in securing federal grants to fund about 10 full-time Social Service Coordinators’ positions which supplement about 35 positions funded by our clients. These positions are invaluable in helping seniors manage their daily activities and to age in place with dignity.

 “Many seniors are reluctant to let family, friends or even their health providers know they are experiencing difficulties,” explains CCH Senior Manager of Social Services Adam Allred. “Seniors are very good at hiding subtle declines in their health – either mental or physical. Onsite service coordinators are often the first to notice behavioral changes or signs a resident may need some additional assistance.”

 Coordinators are able to provide seniors with available and much-needed resources, such as securing transportation, procuring groceries or helping them to understand documents, such as social security notices or medical information. In recent years, the coordinators’ role has been expanded to include educational and wellness programs as well as events designed to engage residents and enhance their cognitive skills and social interaction.

 “If not for these types of grants, it would be difficult to have these services available,” Adam says. “Many of the grants are allocated in underserved areas where residents are particularly at risk and in need of more robust resources. With this funding, we can bring some services on site and make it easier for residents to access. This is like a preventative measure in helping seniors maintain their quality of life and stay independent longer.”

Our 2018 Annual Report features additional information about how our Social Services’ programs go the extra mile to support residents. We invite you to take a peek at our flipbook version of the Annual Report.  To receive a hard copy of the report, email Marketing Director Iris Murillo at [email protected].


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