Insight into the Housing Crisis

Don Stump, President/CEO of Christian Church HomesI came across a very insightful article in The Mercury News that resonated with me as a housing advocate. They interviewed Bay Area Council Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations Matt Regan who spoke at length about ways to address the housing crisis. The message is spot on.

There are so many factors at play when discussing this complex issue. Yet, the truth remains that addressing the housing crisis would consequently help to solve some of the major problems we all experience like traffic congestion.

Yes, we need more investment. Many of the vehicles that brought much-needed support have been gutted and what remains offers affordable housing developers meager assistance. The recently proposed $580 million bond in Alameda County is a step in the right direction but it doesn’t stop there. Likewise, I agree that reforming the regulations affecting housing development must also change. The cost of building is exceptionally high in California. Governor Brown’s “By Right” proposal could help because it would reduce some of the regulatory burdens faced by developers of affordable housing.

It is articles like these in high profile publications like The Mercury News that give me hope. We need to keep raising the housing issue so voters, our lawmakers and the public to see that viable solutions exist. Now let’s make positive change happen for the greater good.

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Don Stump

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