CCH Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Syd Najeeb, Chief Operating Officer of Christian Church Homes

Syd Najeeb, Chief Operating Officer of Christian Church HomesCCH is pleased to introduce our new Chief Operating Officer, Syd Najeeb. Syd joined CCH in 2015 as Chief Financial Officer and will continue to serve in this capacity as well. He is a seasoned player in the sector of affordable housing in California with experience in multi-layered financing, ownership structures, and reporting responsibilities.

He is well known to CCH having worked with us as a consultant on several of our current major projects around the state. He has been the CFO for two other major nonprofit players in the immediate bay area and has existing relationships with HUD, lenders, various investors and asset managers.

In the last several years CCH board and staff have been on a multi-pronged campaign to spread our mission of providing affordable housing in caring communities. The campaign has proven successful as we have been able to reach into new cities in California as well as states beyond California.

CCH President and CEO Don Stump shares, “In the last six months, we have taken a careful look at the most effective way to align the limited resources and staff we have at the home office so as to maximize the effectiveness of this ongoing growth. With a solid plan in place, I look forward to working with Syd as CCH continues its mission to provide affordable quality housing in caring communities.”

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