CCH Mission Moments

CCH deeply appreciates the commitment demonstrated by our CCH colleagues. Creating “More Than A Home” requires meaningful dedication and effort every day. In this note below from Community Manager at Tree House Senior Apartments, Kathern Sherwood, we take a moment to highlight CCH staff members who went beyond the call of duty to bring needed amenities to their residents.

I wanted to let you know that Rosa Vasquez my Social Service Coordinator was approached by four residents needing walk-in showers. Rosa came to me and asked if this was in the budget and I sadly had to say ‘no’.That work would cost close to $20,000. Rosa asked if she could look for a grant that might help. I said yes and I would have the residents fill out a reasonable accommodation form.

A couple of weeks later she found a grant that would pay $4,000 per unit for disabled seniors. I told her to get the paperwork started which required an application for each resident. I would work on the contract with the grant. Two months later the grant was approved for $16,000. So with the grant and help from our budget, four residents that were having a very painful time getting into their bathtubs now have beautiful showers and big smiles.

This was a team effort with all staff involved in getting it done, but it would not have been possible without Rosa going the extra mile and fighting for our resident’s needs. Well done Rosa!

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