CCH Communities Continue to Earn High REAC Scores

CCH Communities Earn High Marks from HUD

CCH Communities Earn High Marks from HUDThe Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires every community that receives government funding to adhere to a strict set of building and maintenance codes. The goal is to ensure affordable housing remains safe while protecting the community from waste or fraud.

These codes are enforced by HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) which evaluates every community on a periodic basis. CCH communities have regularly undergone these reviews with consistently excellent results.

From 2013 to January 2017, the average score amongst CCH communities has been 93 percent (out of a possible 100) which is exceptional. These scores convey that we provide high quality homes for our residents.

Maintenance staffThe goal of the CCH maintenance and property management departments is to provide safe, decent, clean and well maintained communities for our residents. Tom Toth, Director of Maintenance, shares, “The staff members at our communities have truly been phenomenal in their monumental efforts to achieve this amazing feat and truly deserve recognition for this great accomplishment.”

CCH CEO and President Don Stump comments, “Maintaining our communities in top condition is an integral part of our vision to foster human dignity and supportive environments. It enables residents to have a sense of pride in their community and see it as More Than A Home.


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