Welcome to the 2021-22 CCH Board of Directors

On August 17, CCH held its quarterly Board of Directors’ meeting, welcoming its 2021-22 members. The inclusive and diverse Board comes from a variety of backgrounds in the private and public sector and share a common connection to advance the mission of the organization in providing quality affordable housing in a caring community.

The 14 voluntary members carry an awesome responsibility to oversee fiduciary matters for CCH which include monitoring finances, adopting a balanced budget and providing continuous evaluation of fiscal operations. Additionally, the Board is tasked with providing guidance on policies, procedures and regulations for CCH operations and approving major improvements or redevelopment of CCH-owned facilities.

Current Board members for 2021-22 are: Gerald (Jerry) Lang, President; Leslie Taylor, Secretary; Nicholas (Nick) Kolivas, Treasurer; and Board members Thomas (Tom) Harshman; Charles (Chuck) Blaisdell; Mary Donovan Turner; John Jinseok Cheon; Connie Inglish; Darryl Searuggs; Stephany Rose Spaulding; Edward (Ed) Gomez; Dan Byrant; and Susan Gonzales Dewey. Board members also serve on six committees including Audit, Executive, Finance, Housing Development, Nominating and Operations.

“We thank the Board members for their ongoing leadership and support,” shares CCH President and CEO Syd Najeeb. “We are fortunate to have a truly dedicated and committed group of professionals who contribute their skills and expertise to help guide CCH as we broaden and expand our overlying mission of service to our seniors and communities.”


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