Ann Rutigliano Brings Financial Sauvé

Within months of Ann Rutigliano starting as CCH’s new Director of Finance, the Coronavirus hit with a vengeance. Ann found herself immersed in piles of paperwork and forms required to ensure CCH receives the financial benefits available through COVID-19 government programs. Researching the business ramifications and how best to weather the uncertainty of the times, Ann was successful in garnering a 1.7 million federal payroll protection loan to maintain payroll for CCHMC’s dedicated staff and to further boost the company’s financial strength in the midst of the pandemic.

“CCH is well positioned to withstand the upheaval brought about by this current economic downturn,” Ann shares. “We have excellent staff in place including our long-time Controller Sheryl Stella, her highly-skilled finance team, and a strong financial leader in our President and CEO Syd Najeeb — all of which has put us on strong financial standing.”

Ann is well-prepared to handle CCH’s financial portfolio and future growth potential. She shares some of her background and financial goals for CCH below:

Tell us about your background prior to joining CCH.
I hold a B.S. degree in Business and Accounting and have completed tax and accounting courses at the master’s degree level. My career spans working as an auditor for Fortune 100 companies and with big four CPA firms. In my earlier years, I worked as a Controller and later as a Director of Finance in private accounting. Most recently, I was Director of Finance for a non-profit organization, The Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Joseph Health, where my responsibilities included overseeing the finances for on-site assisted living and off-site housing, including construction and building improvements. I am an active Enrolled Agent for taxes nationwide and have a real estate license. I am very well-versed in multiple areas of finance.

What drew you to CCH?
I was drawn to CCH’s mission to provide low income housing to seniors in caring communities. Housing is very expensive and elderly people who have served their communities and families over the years could be left homeless if it wasn’t for companies such as CCH.

How would you define your role as Director of Finance?
My role is to understand all the financial aspects of CCH’s business and to provide the expertise to manage those finances in a professional and timely manner. Financial information is the language of business, telling us how we are doing and alerting us to the health of the organization.

What is your vision to enhance CCH’s financial status?
My goal is to make sure all reporting and filings are done in a timely manner and are accurate. In addition to working on the financial requirements for COVID-19 programs, I am developing banking and CPA relationships for audits, taxes and money management. Also, I will be working on the budgeting process, insurances and gaining a full understanding of government programs for low income housing to relieve Syd of the daily financial duties. As the new President and CEO, he has a great vision for CCH. I want to follow what he began previously as CFO to further strengthen the finances of the organization. CCH has very good integrity and we’re poised to be even stronger financially. There is a skilled team in place with great people who work hard and care very much about accomplishing the company’s mission. I am excited to be part of the team and to work closely with our partners.


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